Putative transport proteins identified in Ralstonia metallidurans

transporters of TCDB-families 1.A, 1.B., 1.C and 1.D
1.A. Alpha -Type Channel-forming Proteins and Peptides
1.B Outer Membrane Porins (ß - structure)
1.C. Pore-forming toxins (proteins and peptides)
1.E. Holins

transporters of TCDB-families 2.A and 2.C
2.A. Carrier type Facilitators
2.C. Ion-gradient-driven energizers

transporters of TCDB-families 3.A, 3.B and 3.D
3.A P-P bond hydrolysis-driven transporters
3.B. Decarboxylation-driven Active Transporters
3.D. Oxidoreduction-driven Active Transporters

transporters of TCDB-families 4.A, 5.A, 8.A, 9.A, 9.B and unclassified transporters
4. Phosphotransferase Systems
5.A. Transmembrane Electron Transfer Carriers
8.A. Auxiliary Transport Proteins
9.A. Transporters of Unknown Classification
9.B. Putative Uncharacterised Transporters